Monday, October 26, 2015

"Happy Freak-out day!"

Mark just sent me this with the above caption. 

It's hard to remember that this month, two years ago, was when we discovered that we were having twins. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

In case you're thinking of getting knocked up

In case you're considering having children, and you've been told that little boys are dirty, messy, loud, crazy, and gross. Newsflash: Kids (tiny humans) are dirty, messy, loud, crazy and frequently gross. There's nothing specific to boys that fits those categories.
Boys are amazing! Boys are ridiculously sweet! They're thoughtful, considerate, tender, and charming. At 1, 3, 5, and 7, they still like to snuggle, and they still need to cry. 
They're good at being delicate and slow. They can funnel their creative passions and focus, sometimes for very long periods of time. Even now they're learning to nurture, and they're great with babies and smaller children. 
These traits are not specific to my boys. 
I'm tired of boys getting a bad reputation. You wouldn't believe the amount of sympathy that I receive when people see me out and about with five (gasp) boys. They're just about brought to their knees when I say "No, we're not trying for a girl. We like boys."
That's not to say anything less of girls. I am one. I was raised with and helped raise 3 girls. They're equally wonderful!
Let's cut the crap people! Children are what you make them and allow them to be and become (for better or worse). 
Boys are no exception. If you don't like your pudding. Change your recipe. 

A beautiful bouquet picked by a few of my little men. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy Halloween from Weston!

Pumpkin Carving - Annual Pumpkin Party

The Pumpkin Bandit!

"Not so Scary Halloween" with Iversons

Today we headed to the children's museum for their "Not so scary Halloween", with some friends. It was far more chaotic than a normal visit, but it also held some new fun experiences. They had various crafts and science experiments for the kids to get their hands into. They had fun and we moms almost got to visit amid the chaos. 

Laiken - Fake sleeping

This is Laiken's new thing. Pretending to sleep. If you're saying something he doesn't like or if he feels uncomfortable
-like with a stranger at the store- he'll just pretend to sleep. It's sort of a coping mechanism. It's also super cute. 

Bathing beauties

Felt classics

I ordered a bunch of these kids Felt classics from the library. They're a cliff note version of classics like, Tom Sawyer, Emma, and Moby Dick. While they don't give a complete picture of the story, they familiarize little ones with the general storyline and setting. Bonus: they're board books so Weston will gladly sit and flip through them over and over again.