Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Finley's obsession

I feel like all three of the older boys have been good readers from the beginning, but Finley has a passion for reading that is something to be admired.
He devours novels in a few days time, and recently finished his History book (tests and all) because he couldn't get enough of the non-fiction appeal.
I'm so proud of this little man.

Sister Date - Miss Peregrines Peculiar Children

Brandi and I had read the books that the movie was based on, and had been eagerly anticipating its showing. The movie sucked, but it was a nice afternoon together. Though we missed our sibling counterparts:)
 The literal bucket of soda that the girls got. 

 Photo op!

Look at these sweet ladies! Love 'em soon much!!!!

Twins Yoga

Later Post - Weston's Date With Grandma Becky

 That smile spells "Spoiled and loving it" :)