Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blog post mix up

I just realized that most of my posts from 2014 never went through so I reported them but then thry processed out of order... 

Twins - 33 Weeks

This past Tuesday, the 25th, marked a huge milestone for the babies development and growth. Each week following we can breathe a little more relief.   
A few facts about LAIKEN and LEIF
-They appear to be running about a pound apart (3#13, and 4#13).
- They are stacked like bunk beds. Head on head, lying horizontally. Really rare, this late in the game and really painful for mommy:(
-They could be born at any time now, with little chance of any residual issues. 
-We still have absolutely no idea what we're going to use for middle names. Suggestions please!

Snow fight and snowmen

My little sickies

Poor Weston, Finley, and Oliver got ANOTHER stomach flu this last week. 
It's our third bout since December. Lots of camping out in the living room with mommy. 
I'm even more thankful for marks new hours at work, that allow him to be home by 3:45. I'm also so thankful for our neighbor who made us dinner. 
I think we're ready for spring.

Twins - 23 weeks

Potty training!

Last week, after Weston stripped off his diaper and brought us this cup that he'd pee'd in, we thought it might be time to potty train. Actually, Mark was the one who initiated it (I would have dragged my feet for another six months) and he was right! Way to go Weston!

Twin art by Finley

Finley drew this picture of me with the twins in my tummy. He's amazing!

Twins - 27 weeks

I'm not going include a photo of myself this week. Instead, I thought it'd be much more interesting to show you how the boys have decided to place themselves. 
In case it wasn't obvious by the picture, this is pretty miserable for the incubator (me).
The only difference is that in our case the baby in the back is feet down, instead of head down. This means lots of kicks to the bladder. 
So, at 27 weeks I'm measuring 35 weeks. The twins are still being watched carefully for twin-to-twin transfusion. As of yesterday the margin between their growth had risen again from a 17% difference to 21%. It may not sound like that big of a difference but it's pretty significant. My doctor told me that they usually start to worry at 20%, but because they both look healthy, we're just going to keep observing. I'm also taking enormous amounts of protein in addition to my daily intake, and that is supposed to help a great deal. 
This week, please pray for 
-their growth, development, and that the difference in size would not be an indicator of something more serious. 
-my abnormal blood-sugar test (I go back next week for a three hour test:()
-a nagging bladder infection (not something you want in a twin pregnancy)

Weston's Second Birthday

Because of the flu we celebrated Weston's birthday a little late. 

Oliver learned to tie his shoes

Daddy and Oliver sat and practiced tying shoes last weekend, but Oliver showed little interest over the last week. Then today, as we got ready to go out, Oliver sat down and quickly tied, and double tied, his own boots! He was beaming, and so was I. When Mark got home he was barely in the door before Oliver had to show his triumphant knot.
He's amazing! 

Visiting Marks work

I'm a very visual person, so it drives me crazy when the last 3 jobs mark has had, weren't really places that we could visit. I like to be able to mentally recall a room as he's telling me a story. Anyway, this job, although it has strict security rules, is visit-able. Yea! 
I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of knowledge he has, and needs, to be able to do something "simple" like taxi one of those big planes, or swap out an engine. It's wild.  
The boys were also extremely excited to get such a great, hands-on field trip. What little man doesn't love airplanes?

Nylon heads!