Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An actual conversation between Finn and I

F:mom, what will happen if you eat poop?
M:you could get really sick. 
(Finn gets a horribly disgusted look on his face)
F:because I just ate poop.
M: why did you just eat poop?!
F: well, I just ate a diaper with poop or pee in it. I'm not sure.
M: why would you eat a diaper?
F:there's a pile of diapers in the garbage upstairs. 
M: but why would you eat that?!
F: well, I leaned my face over the garbage to spit my gum out and my mouth got too close.

This is really my life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mark has been waiting for this day

When life gives you diaper boxes make....a puppet stage.

Just chillin'

Every evening we put our boys to bed. Mark and I rotate "shifts". One of us puts Oliver, Finn, and Weston to bed, while the other parent gets to watch tv and hold the twins. Both roles have equally rewarding aspects. With the big boys we get to enjoy story time, and replay our day. And then, when they start to settle down, we do "lovez". This is our routine goodnight hug/kiss/secret handshakes/"I-love-you-more-than-chocolate...". It's unique to each boy and each parent. Then we stay with them until they fall asleep. Sometimes holding their hands, and always listening to relaxing music. This routine is a part of our parenting that we've never regretted or questioned. Bedtime has never been a punishment or fearful experience. 
Whoever has the twins gets to spend time reading, watching tv, or making a dessert just for the adults. Tonight was my turn to have the twins. They were wide awake. Chatty, silly, and as sweet as could be. 
I'm so thankful that we've found a happy way to continue our routines, even with our new additions. Before they were born, we couldn't picture how we'd function (at bedtime especially), but now here we are three months in and we're still just chillin'.