Friday, November 11, 2011

Prayer Request for Oliver

As most of you know Oliver has had severe decay in his teeth since he was a little over a year. I could dive into the list of things we didn't give him that would have cause the decay, and how his genetics were against him from the beginning, or how I took an antibiotic while nursing....
It doesn't matter. This is where we're at today.
We took him to the Children's Hospital Dental Clinic (I highly recommend them if you live in the area) for the best Dr. visit I could have imagined.
They then determined that he would need Oral Surgery to avoid infections, more decay, and ruining his adult teeth.
I hate the idea of having him put "under" but it's actually less dangerous than having him go back several times for all the procedures.
We're asking for prayer for his little body and his recovery. The surgery isn't until Feb so that leaves lots of time for prayer.
We're trusting The Lord that loves Oliver far more than we ever could and has a perfect plan for even his teeth.

That's just the Gluten talking

For the past several months Finley has been Gluten Free due to a wheat/gluten sensitivity.
We've had several conversations with Oliver about it to make sure he doesn't share things that Finn can't have.
Below are a few blips resulting from living in a GF household.

"Mom, is this song Gluten Free?"

MOM: Oliver, do you want a strawberry with your cereal?
OLIVER: No thanks
MOM: What about a banana?
OLIVER: No, banana's are all mixed up. They have gluten and wheat in em'. They're just all mixed up.