Friday, September 16, 2016

Fortitude - A short Film by Patrick Stagg and Brett Sarver

Incase you missed it at Plaza Theater, here's my brother's short-film.
Please view and share. Patrick wrote, directed, filmed and acted in the film, but the amount of work put in by all of the young men involved, was astonishing. Really.
All of the costumes and props that you'll see were authentic clothing, guns, ammunition, and gear, from WWII. Even the enemy gun used in one scene was an actual Nazzi gun. 
The explosions you'll see are not computer graphics. These guys do it all! They're amazing!
So please, take 20 mins and watch this powerful story. 
Note: If watching with children, the battle scenes do have some cussing. 

Oh! And our boys have a small part in the film. See if you can spot them:)

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