Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Mark relayed the following conversation that he had with Finley today

-Finley was talking about how he was afraid to go to the bathroom alone so Mark suggested:
"Just remember to ask yourself if it's a real or fake fear."

Finley countered: "I won't remember that."

Mark: "Yes you will"

Finn: "No, that happened to me tomorrow, a couple days ago. Someone told me something and now I can't remember."

There's just no arguing with that logic

Homeschool- Science

I thought this was funny. 
While learning about bones recently, we did a demonstration of "hallow" bones (billed with marrow) and how their design is better than if we had solid bones....
The demonstration was shown by loosely rolling a piece of paper, taping it, and then seeing how many books you could stack. As the photo shows, quite a few 
Next we were to take a piece of paper and roll it tightly to demonstrate the lack of strength that bones would have due to a solid design. 
The point was lost on my children who quickly pointed out that the books wouldn't stay put, not because of the "bones" solid interior, but because of the lack of surface area for the books to rest on. Well played boys.

Yard "work"

I'm so thankful for both parents and in-laws, that have big yards. Places where our children can roam and explore. Last weekend we headed to Bompa and Grandma Becky's to watch the Packers whomp the Panthers. While we were there, the boys decided to make leaf pile.  (Another magical experience seeing seemingly mundane life through the eyes of little boys.)

               A little air guitar action

       Is there someone under there ?

                       There he is!

                         So cheesy!

              I love this picture of him

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Clay - an addicting medium

So, I recently picked up a massive block of sculpting clay. I've always wanted to try my hand at sculpting but never took the time to get the supplies. After making a couple animals with the kids, I quickly realized that I REALLY enjoyed sculpting. 
I decided to skip the small stuff and start with something larger. Why not a face? 
I'm far from finished, and I already decided I don't care what it looks like, but I'm enjoying the process so much. If you know me well, you know that you'll normally never hear me say process and enjoy in the same sentence, but I'm hooked. In fact, I'm lying in bed thinking about when I'll be able to squeeze in some time to get at it again. Wild.  

Cousin fun


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Well said

I'm linking up a poem my friend wrote about her son. It's so fitting, and if you've gone through this season of life with a little one you'll understand. Click here

Date - Oliver

It had been too long since I've gotten to go out with Oliver to somewhere other than the store. Tuesdays are $1 movies at our budget theater. After grabbing some frozen yogurt we headed to see Maleficent. It didn't disappoint. 
Oliver's "frozen yogurt" was really more of a pile of candy on top of a couple tablespoons of yogurt:)

I'm so thankful for moments like these. 


We discovered a new "you pick" farm in Elkhorn. It's clef the Apple Barn. It was a nice size with better prices than Elegant Farmer. The downside: it was flooded with People from Illinois. Lots of yuppies picking apples in evening attire, and ball gowns. No, it wasn't that bad. But we were laughing about the faux fur, coordinating couples, and high heels. 

Here's marks "Apple Hat". He wore it all day, and it he was quite pleased that it enbaressed us....
No, it was just a funny coincidence that the sign was behind him:)

He was sooo eager to pick apples that we had to stop him from eating the yucky ones on the ground.

      He's packin'. Front-packing that is.

This is the kind of yard I want for our children! Apples every morning. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!?

Finn with his adventure-pack, not a fannie-pack

Laiken loved sucking on apples while we walked

This was pretty cool. A grove of trees that they had planted really close together and then fenced off the inside to make a maze.
(This photo captures a little girl bringing me the babies sock that I had dropped.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Twins - Baby-led weaning

Cheap Fun - Rubber Bands

The kids were sick and after what seemed like our 10th movie of the day, I decided to make them something to do while they were down. 
I grabbed a couple boards from our scrap wood in the basement, pounded in a few nails and gave them a bowl of rubber bands. 
20 minutes later they were still entertained! 
They've since created all sorts of clever art with this new medium.

Finn's Half Birthday

Happy 4.5 Finner!

Oliver and Nova

Twins - First Tooth

Leifiekins is the first one with a tooth! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Half Birthday! - Twinnies

These boys are such a joy to be around. Mark and I frequently talk about how easy and happy they are.
Today marks six months since their arrival. We normally don't start celebrating half birthdays until the boys are two and a half, but give us ANY additional reason to celebrate our kids and we'll do it!
What we're up to:
-Scooting and rolling ALL over the place
-Grabbing at mom and dad's food (we'll be starting solids soon!)
-We hold hands while nursing (always)
-We like to roll next to each other and then bonk heads until someone saves us
-We can say a variation of "Oliver" and can clearly say "Hi"
-We both gave up our pacifiers, but we still love rubbing blankies on our faces

    Leif                                         Laiken

    Laiken                                         Leif




    Laiken.                                        Leif