Friday, June 3, 2016

Early summer fun

This is generally how our summer is marked: lots of days spent on my parent's farm, soaking up the sun and enjoying a dip in the pool or an evening campfire. My mom always cooks up a buffet-worth of food (even if she didn't know we were coming), while my dad mans the music (they literally have a sound system from when my grandpa dj'd) and fire/pool, my siblings are all there. It's bliss. Our boys are especially coming to expect these summer memories and start going through withdrawal of its been too long from one visit to the next. 

Nanna bravely sharing a lap with Laiken's drippy cone. 

Grandma bought GF cones!

Cozy coze! Our boys have such an awesome relationship with my sibling. These aunties are really more like sisters. And pat is more like their big brother. 

I couldn't believe how much I looked like my mom. Poor lady:)

Cwazy eyes!

Kardashian selfie


Keegan said...

So fun! Looking forward to happy summer days we get to share with you too! :)

nena said...

Looks like lots of fun. We have missed you guys. The boys have grown so much.