Friday, July 27, 2012


Finley has recently developed a fear of storms. However, in typical Finley fashion, he doesn't just want to snuggle up to us until it's over. He's all about taking action (like his mommy).
At the park we started to hear the thunder roll. I said "yea thunder!" (in an attempt to make a game out of it). To which Finn replied, "no, yea sunder. sunder cummin'. Hide!" and he took off under this pavilion. No whining, no crying, just action.
It's a very grown up, and proactive attitude, don't you think?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Grant park

We had half an hour to kill before a big storm rolled through. So, we headed to the park.
We were introduced to this park by our neighbor, Anette. It's packed with fun spots. Including the dangerous, spinning, flower chairs of doom.
Ever visit some kid starts spinning and can't stop until their parents run over to save them, or they are thrown from the seat (True story. I've seen it happen.) After they're saved they usually try to run away which ends in a face plant from their euphoric state.
It's become a highlight to our trips to this park. Not because we like to see people hurt (Ive never actually seen anyone get hurt) , but because of its NASCAR-crash qualities. Kids are durable right?
On this visit Mark decided to give it a whirl. His review: "It was terrible!"

Marble painting

My mom was a preschool teacher and home-schooled me and my four siblings so I went to her for some inspiration for crafts. She gave me dozens of ideas and this was the first one we put into practice.
Marble painting. Super easy and very little mess involved.

Friday, July 20, 2012


When Mark and I were dating he made me a small cylindrical, wooden box. Over the past 11 years he's given me small treasures, some of which he's made.
After re-organizing our room it re-surfaced. Oliver had Mark take out each item and tell the story behind it.
Oliver patiently sat and listened as Mark and I took a stroll down memory lane.

Thank God for modern medicine!

My best friend Lisa is about 13 weeks pregnant. With her first pregnancy she was really sick, by anyone's standards. This time around she has been severely sick. After losing 30 lbs in a short time she was admitted to the hospital. At the time she was -4 liters of fluid. They were able to bump up her fluid and administer the perfect blend of meds so she could start to feel half way normal.
She was released this week and felt MUCH better.
Be praying with us that she will be able to eat food a d enjoy the rest of her pregnancy without this threat.

Starbucks Lake Geneva Date

Look at this lady!

If you don't already know her, this is my mom. She'll be 48 next month and still looks like a teenager! She makes me look old!!!

In his shoes

We recently watched a show about a Latino boy who had a severe tumor. In an attempt to foster empathy I asked Oliver, "What would you do if you had that tumor like that boy?".
He thought for a moment and then replied, "Speak Spanish."
Indeed. Straight and to the point.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


We love our local Outpost store. One of our favorite gf treats are their choc. chip muffins. Delish!