Friday, July 24, 2015

They're here!!!

We love this weekend in July. It's seriously one of my favorite weekends of the whole year.  It's the weekend of the Milwaukee airshow. 
Since we live near the airport, we spend the next three days running to the window every time we hear the jets roar. All of the performers fly in a couple days early done get to see them coming in and out of the area and sometimes they'll do mini demos near the airport. 
It gives me the chills to see the Raptors. 
Tomorrow we hit up the Milwaukee show and then Mark and I will head to Oshkosh alone on Sunday. I can't wait!!

Duke Otherwise - Cudahy

Yet again....
This time daddy got to join us

Friday, July 17, 2015

Mark's new helmet - adorakable!

Yep! He seriously fell asleep in it:)

Homemade Slip N' Slide

Hurray for left over remodeling materials!


My brilliant mother found bombpops without food coloring! Yea Grandma!

Duke Otherwise - St. Francis

Heading to bed

Love Language - Acts of Service

After putting the twins to sleep I came downstairs to a spotless livingroom and Finley washing dishes. 
This sweet man just wanted to help mommy out!

Weston the Turtle-Hunter

At a recent animal show, I was totally impressed at Weston's lack of fear. He let snakes picked up turtles, tortoises, and participated like a pro. 

Funny Story....

So, last week I came out to the van and as I reached for the trunk handle, I jumped (and cursed under my breath) when I saw this dangling from my wiper. 
I thought Mark had played a trick on me when I fact it was a trick meant for Mark by his co-workers. The boys just loved this idea so they hung it on Daddy's Moped handle -hoping to scare him the next day. 
In turn, Mark tied it back on their car door. But who did it scare?! Me again! 
Who knows how long this can keep going. 

The many faces of Weston

Emotions according to West

          His "what the heck?!" face

His "mad" face

Surprised (don't ask me)