Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Twins - 21 weeks

This pregnancy had been sooo different from day one. Unless someone has actually had twins, you have to ignore their advice, because even though we've done this three times, I'm a complete newbie!
-I've barely gained any weight, and my belly seems to be the only thing growing. However, it's nothing to be proud of. In healthy twin pregnancies you want to gain lots of protein weight. My doctor has me doing about 60g a day beyond my target meal protein.
-I thought that I might evade my typical, horrendous, pregnancy back pain. No such luck. Just this week it started to creep up on me. Dang it!
-I'm feeling lots of movement (finally!). 
-Oliver was the first person to feel kicks from the outside. His reaction was priceless. He shrieked, and said "Awww! I just wanna hold them right now!"
Since then he's been hugging my belly, talking to them and giving them kisses. 
-Mark got to feel his first kick last night. 
-At 18 weeks I measured 25 weeks. I go in again in a week. Mark thinks I'm measuring full term already. We'll see

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