Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wisdom from Oliver

Daddy: "Oliver, do you want to pray for dinner?"
Oliver: "Yea. Foed hands! No, yike this. K. God, thanks food, nice day, daddy work. Amen!"
Mommy & Daddy: "Good job Oliver!"
Oliver (with eyes wide and bouncing): "Luv God so much!!! God bye-bye workin'."
Daddy: "Where does God work?"
Oliver: "Righ here."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's official! Finner is eating food!!! We started at 4 months and his appetite keeps on growing. I'm thinking he'll be weened in no time.

Two new members

Mark grew up owning rats so it didn't surprise me in least when he decided to introduce Oliver to the idea.
This little shop was suggested to us, and though small and smelly, the staff was very helpful, and friendly.

Oliver and daddy got familiar with a couple rats but we went home empty handed and slept on the decision to get yet another pet.
We decided the next day that we would only get them if we could find the equipment for cheaper than the store (a whopping $50+ just to get started).
The next day I went rummaging for just that and stumbled across a cage, food dishes, water bottle, wheel, ball, and lid (with clips) for $3!!!
God was looking out for us and obviously wanted us to have rodents.
Oliver named them White and Black.
One is a Dumbo Rat (due to it's large ears) and the other is a rat with special curly fur (the name escapes me).
Both are extremely smart and a super fun pet for a 2 year old. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a low maintenance pet.

"Gampa Kinn"

I recently came to pick up Oliver at my parents house to find this....
his daddy would have been so jealous (of the bike, not of sharing a motorcycle with my dad:))

Fort Leverton!