Thursday, July 30, 2009

My little Puddle Jumper

Today was the first day Oliver has experienced a rainstorm. By experience I mean that he walked around in it, splashed in it's puddles, and even took a drink of a mucky puddle. I love little boys!

You can't tell it here, but he was soaking wet.
Afterwards we came in to clean off and change into some warm clothes.


1. While driving home last night I gave Oliver a juice box to play with. Thinking that he was asleep due to the silence coming from the back seat I started to relax. Soon after I started to hear gulping. I quickly found that he had chewed a hole in the corner of the juice box, and was happily drinking. What a survivor. Ironically when I dumped the rest of juice into his sippy cup he didn't want anything to do with it.

2. As the three of us are laying in bed, last night, and everyone was just starting to fall asleep. Oliver crawled up on my stomach to give me a hug. I then turned his little face to give him a kiss and got a face full of vomit.
This is very strange since Oliver never threw up as an infant and is not sick. I was laughing so hard, but couldn't open my mouth to tell Mark what had just happened. I'm so thankful for all the ways this little man colors our life.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No nap, no time

Today Oliver and I left Bill and Becky's mid morning and headed up to our home. I had a plan to make Mark and I a romantic dinner and have everything cleaned and put away. Instead, Oliver never took a nap, I broke a glass on the floor, broke one of our new windows and had a whiny baby all afternoon. I'm ready for a nap.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Speed Racer!

Oliver thinks Patrick is the greatest! He was thrilled to take a ride with Mommy and Pat on the go-kart. Patrick was really concerned that I was too heavy for it, but we were fine:)

Puding Painting!

Every Monday I watch Patrick, Brandi, and Brooke. It's my weekly challenge to find something creative to do. This week I chose pudding painting. 
If you haven't done this with your kids you need to. So fun, and messy. 
All you do is mix one box of Choc, and Vanilla puding (preferably with water) 
get some craft brushes and paper, and go to town.
They can get it all over, and lick themselves clean.
We started running into an issue when the kittens realized the paint was food. Hopefully they won't have a tummy ache tonight.

Friends from Michigan

Friends from Michigan were in the area doing some visiting  and Oliver & I were lucky enough to be able to have lunch with them. Oliver and Zeke enjoyed hollering at each other over the adult conversation:)
Jeffrey and Bethany were one of the families that we got to know while Mark was at SMAT.
They are on their way to entering the aviation mission field. We are praying for their journey, and upcoming move.
Oliver and Zeke were born just a couple weeks apart.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zoom Zoom!

We woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday (or sometime around 9) to go to the Milwaukee Airshow.  They hold it right on the lake (at Veteran's Park. For those of you familiar with Milwaukee). It was beautiful weather, and lots to see.
This was the first that Oliver got to wear his stylish fishing cap.

It was so cute daddy decided to trade for a while.

These were some of the trick prop planes, but our favorite part of the show was the F-16. 
Incredible power, and precision. Every time I see jets I have to fight back tears. What a baby.

Oliver slept through the loudest part of the show.

Yummy italian ice.

Take me out to the ball game...

Friday afternoon Mark told me he had a surprise for us and that I would have to leave work early. I got to our house to find Mark ready to go with sweatshirts packed for Oliver and I.
Our surprise....
 a Milwaukee Brewer's game! Oliver's first.

Here is Oliver getting on his very first escalator.
He was amazed by the size of the building. 

Gotcha! I think that was some sort of baseball sign. 

One of the best parts of going to a game is the food. Hot dogs, and Brats, and cheese fries oh my!
Thanks for an awesome surprise and night out honey! Mwaaa!

Suds and Bubbles

Doing your first load of laundry
1. Scrounge up any dirty laundry you can find, at least 3 pieces. 
2. Choose your preferred settings

3. Locate the soap container
4. Pour in enough soap for a ridiculously small load of laundry.

5. Make sure your dryer is securely fastened to the top of the washer so you don't end up having to chase the dryer around the room during the last spin cycle. 

Derco Party '09

This year Derco had their company picnic at the zoo again, and I just couldn't help but make comparisons of last year's party.
Last year this time: Oliver was just a few weeks old, and had no real interest in anything (besides milk). I bared a close resemblance to the elephant with my namesake.
Mark was a "newbie" at the company. 
This is Little Oliphant 2008 and .....
and 2009

Zoofari Train

Mark's work is so generous! The provide a buffet and all sorts of fun, yummy treats, throughout the night.

Oliver anticipating getting Cotton Candy

Another fun visit to the zoo, and good time with Mark's co-workers.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Old World Wisconsin

During a recent visit with Scott and Kristin, Old World WI had a free day. 
Kristin, the kids, Oliver and I joined my Mom and the Littles for a step back into history.

We got around the park via trams. Oliver loved these rides, and the drivers drove like animals.
This was just one of the many buildins/barns that were torn down, moved and erected at Old World. This particular barn had a thatched roof.
Reagan and Sage clearly enjoying demonstrating

We decided to make a game of finding everyone's name throughout the day....
Sawyer and I were the only one's to find anything.

Which one is the daughter....
The kids got to try there hand at doing laundry the old fashioned way
What a fun, free day! 

Finally, Oliver's birthday pictures

We had such a nice little party for our baby's turning 1! 

Sorry about the grainy quality.
This is Oliver and Daddy getting ready to open gifts. 
Lookin' Fly
He got the opening part down pretty well
Naked boy after eating his cake - no after tearing apart his cake
The master griller

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our little man's day special.