Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gambling and family

Bryana and LJ (gag me)

Yesterday Oliver and I went to my mom and dad's to visit along with my Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle.
Oliver and Grandpa were matching.

We decided to play a little poker. Thank goodness we weren't playing for real money seeing as Grandpa actually knew how to play.

If the whole table tried to pass he would raise the bet just to make sure we were awake.

            I think Patrick found his calling.
I had no idea he actually knew how to play poker, but he cleaned house.

Now if he could just work on his poker face:)

Bryana, LJ, and I were in the bottom three.
At the same time I was watching S & K's dog.
Brandi fell completely in love. This is what she was doing most of the afternoon.
I've since heard a rumor that she's convinced her mother to get her one.....

Saturday, March 28, 2009


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A growing boy

I'm just in awe of Oliver this morning.
Is this really the tiny (6lb 11oz) baby I gave birth to only 9 short months ago? 
Every day he amazes me. Last night Mark and I sat playing blocks with him and listened to him repeat us as we pointed out the color; "blue block" we'd say. "Bwuu" he'd say. Unbelievable!
This morning he's sitting straight up, with better posture than mommy, babbling up a storm. On and on. I say "mhmm, really?" He continues with a very serious look on his face.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shrinky and her Daddy

Deedo looks so innocent just sitting there....

Our beautiful Mommy!

Oliver and Grandma

Bryana and her boyfriend, L.J.

Bo Bear! The older Patrick gets the funnier he is. I've never met someone, so young, with such 
a sense of humor.

Love Sandwich!

What a smile. She's the happiest kid you'll find

He looks like an old man in this picture.

Hammer! He thinks he's daddy.
(I don't know who put two very different shades of blue on him)

More family fun....

Grandma Foght and Oliver
All the sisters and their "babies"

"So big!" 
Whenever there are new people to entertain Oliver pulls out
all of his tricks.

Oliver's first St. Patricks Day (for the second time) 

He loves that Daddy. 
Within the last month he has started saying Dadda, and yelling Dadda, and crying Dadda...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to blogging...

        I finally found my camera! I now have more blogging to catch up on than I have time for....

Uncle H & (W)Lilly

My Irish lad

It's rare that all four of the Melby boys are together, but it just so happened that 
we were able to celebrate a late St. Patrick's Day together.

Here Scott is showing a slideshow of his trip to Egypt. You can see more about it on their
blog (follow the link at the bottom right hand of the page)
Green green everywhere!

Auntie Kristen opening her "crabby-patty" sack of gifts for the nieces
 and nephews.
Ethan was patiently waiting
"So Big!"

Story time with Auntie Kristen. 

S & K Brought the newest addition to their family.....
Keira prefers to stick with blue dogs
Oliver getting his hand chewed off