Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Before vaca pics

As we left, the boys were given a "care-package" so to speak. It included letters for each day we were gone, pics of us with that boy, a countdown calendar, a map to show where we were and shirts that smelled like us. 

Oshkosh EAA Airventure 2016

This was our boys' first year at Oshkosh. They loved walking around, grabbing goodies from the booths (including daddy's work booth), and watching the amazing airshow. 
In spite of the heat, a diaper blow-out and a lack of dairy-free desert options (eh hem!), we had a memorable day. 

The Cudahy refueling wing. We love watching this big beast touch down on our local runway and the boys got to actually touch the belly and chat with the pilots. 

Airshow or Kentucky Derby?

My dad and Pat met up with us to watch the show. 

Yeah for suckers/peacekeepers!

Uncle Pat chillin' with his littles:)

Weston's Half 4.5

Pics with no home - July

Pool time

Fourth of July 2016