Sunday, August 23, 2015

Moms gift

She LOVED it

***Going Private***

In the past few months we've noticed that this blog's "audience" has been growing. I'm not totally sure why but we went from a couple hundred views a month, to now, over 4,500. And other blgs are using our URL to link up crafts we've done, etc. 
I don't like that idea. This blog primarily exists to serve as a digital scrapbook for our family, friends, and me:). 
So, in an attempt to keep things quaint, I'll be switching to a private setting. If you would like to continue reading it please comment below, email, or text me, and I'll make sure to add your email address to the list. We love sharing our life with you all. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

White paint makes everything better!

Thanks Bill and Becky!

Gearing up - Later Post

Homeschooling can be really hard. It can be down right exhausting, but I've never once questioned what we're doing or why. The truth is I LOVE homeschool. It's a completely personal decision that we've been blessed in being able to make each year.  This is our third year of teaching our children at home ( I say 'our' because Mark has a daily, active role in their education, especially on the weekends).
This year I'm planning way better and mapping out the first 6 months, so that I have a good handle on what they'll be learning. It's the type A in me that loves this part of school. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Zoo - Amanda and Steve

Four of our favorite people came all the way up to WI to hang out with us at the Zoo! 
My cousin Amanda and her husband Steve are really cool. They're working on adopting these two sweeties D and A. And for now, we get to love on them, and enjoy watching their family grow. 
D is only one day younger than the twins so they're all three in a very grabby stage. 

We're at the zoo all the time, but this was the first I'd seen the baby gorilla. So sweet! 

Steve and D

Weston and A are the perfect match. They're both sweet and full of fire:)

Laiken and D

Mark and Leif


I think this was a baby peacock. 


This is the first time we've let our kids play at the zoo park. If you haven't been there, it's RIDICULOUS! We "lost" them about 20 times in the hoard of children and enormous play structure. We'll have to go back on a less populated day:)

Oliver loves D. They had a special bonding moment when D was an infant, and Oliver got to rock him. That was it. Oliver was hooked:)


This could very likely be poop or a goat pellet. 

Amanda and Steve treated the kids to this Hurricane simulator. 

With that rock formation in the background and the Kelty on his back, you could almost imagine he was in the wilderness

A kiss goodbye from a sweet sweet girl. 
This was such a great day! I'm so thankful that they were able to come up and join us, and for sharing these two precious gifts with us. We love all four of you bunches and bunches!

Allowed? Who cares!

This beautiful fountain stands in front of the art museum. There aren't any signs but my guess is it's not necessarily a "splash pad" so to speak. But, it was really hot that afternoon and it felt so good to wade in a bit. 
Not long after the boys started "swimming", a little girl showed up and tried to join in but was quickly ushered away by her parents. That left me nervous, wondering if we had overstepped a social boundary, but Mark was quick to point out that it didn't matter. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Finley's 1st Sleepover!

Though Oliver has had a couple overnighters with Bill and Becky, this was Finley's very First sleepover away from home. 
I'm so proud of my big boys! From what I here he did awesome, and didn't even wake up during the night (phew!). 

Chinese for lunch! These boys are just like their mommy:)

I'm sure he was working on building up muscles to beat up my brother. They have a little competition going:)

Chillin' with Bompa!

Silly-face breakfast! Let it be know that she serting the bar pretty high here with such a fancy breakfast;)

A cozy set up. 

I heard they made these goal lists, of things that they wanted to do with G&G. 
They're all great ideas but I especially love Finn's list. 
The last entry is "look for poor people and give them money" 
I love this little boy's heart!

Thank you Bompa and Gamma Becky for creating such a fun and inviting environment for these boys to come and visit. 



We snagged this vintage zipline off of Ebay for $10.50!
We've only had it for two days and it's already the best $10.50 we've ever spent on a non-essential toy. But just think of all the upper body strength they're building up!

Sibling Visit - Baseball

I'm super lucky to have siblings that 
a) are awesome!
b) live relatively close by
c) love my kids
d) are never too old for slumber parties 
While Mark was in Canada, Patrick, Brandi, and Brook came up to spend the night and hang out. 
We rented Insurgent, made homemade pizza, and watched Pat's movies using chromecast (the boys and I actually watch them frequently but Pat had never seen them on a normal TV screen)

After dinner, we headed to Oliver and Finn's Baseball practice. 

This boy loves his Grandpa!

My mother: forever classy and chic:)