Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Biggest Responsibility I Never Considered...

Let me start off by saying, this is not intended to make anyone feel guilty or inadequate. The only thing prompting this post is my excitement, that I'm hoping you'll share in.

A several months ago Mark and I discovered the abundance of documentaries that can be found on Netflix (very possibly the best $13 a month we've ever spent).
Mark stumbled upon a movie called Food Matters.
I typically scoff at anything similar to Supersize Me, or a Michael Moore film. This, however, was different.
It didn't use opinions but turned to Medical and Scientific research to create a compelling argument against the way we eat (quite literally how our family ate).
Long story short it convicted us enough to throw out all of our junk food (that included bleached flour, and processed what-have-you's, canned veggies, "whole wheat" breads, eggs, milk, etc. ).
The list was enormous, and we didn't even buy things like Little Debbie snacks, or bags of chips. A lot of it was more healthy than a typical American household pantry, but it wasn't good enough.
I started to realize that the food I feed our children is creating their patterns and views on food. It's daunting when you really think about it. I could literally be responsible for Oliver or Finn getting a number of ailments, like type 2 diabetes, as adults because I let them think that things like canned peaches, processed cheeses and Subway were healthy foods.

For us, this not a diet, not a fad. I can't, knowing what I know now, go back to the way we were eating. Changed forever.
The biggest change has been noticing how horrible we feel after eating something crappy.
White bread? Mark and I spend the next day or two feeling like garbage.
Isn't the body amazing that it will give you such clear signs of neglect, but for most of us we've been neglecting them since we started eating solid foods so

If you or your family hasn't seen this movie you need to. Honestly.

We made the move to mostly Organic, and truly All Natural.
It's been over two months now, but we're still goin' strong.