Friday, November 20, 2009

Free Pie Wednesday!

I don't know if there are Baker's Square's all over, but ours have free pie every Wednesday. All you have to do is buy a coffee or tea, that's it!

Pay it forward

Oliver recently took part in Pay It Forward, after seeing it on his cousin Keira's blog
This was the first time Oliver has ever received an actual package in the mail. He was so excited opening it that he didn't want to take anything out.
His Aunt Holly and Keira even thought of Ernie! Thanks guys! This was so much fun.

So now we're paying it forward. The rules are simple: be one of the first three people to comment on this post, and Oliver and I will send you a package. Anyone who reads this blog can play; you just need to agree to pay it forward to three more people. If you don’t have a blog, you can find another way to pay it forward.

So, leave a comment on this post, email me your snail mail address brittanystagg at yahoo dot com and we'll send something your way:)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Book recommendations

For those of you who are parents, or grandparents to small children, or you just like to read kids books, you might enjoy this.

We've been reading a lot lately, and visiting our amazing library.
Here are a few new favorites. If you haven't checked them out you need to:)

I'm looking forward to getting into some holiday books soon. If any of you have suggestions (holiday or non) I'd love to check them out, literally:)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Possibly Twins?

18 weeks pregnant

here at the same phase with Oliver's pregnancy

a week of gift cards

Since Mark and I have been so tight lately we haven't been able to do much outside of our house. But last week was a week of giftcards. We went out to dinner, a budget movie, and Starbucks. Oliver loved Starbucks. He was walking around talking to people, and after we got him an Organic Choc Milk he decided he like my iced tea drink better. Turkey.

Here I am trying to get him to drink the super yummy chocolate milk

And here he is finishing my tea. Ohwell

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oliver went on the potty!!

We recently realized that Oliver pats his diaper right before he has to pee, and then right after (he hates being wet).
Saturday morning a very patient daddy sat with Oliver until he'd completed his task. Please be praying that we can keep up the momentum.

There was an old lady who swallowed a....

It's a wonderful having parent's with a farm. Today as we were leaving we picked up a kitten and decided to take it home. Of course we did this with the knowledge that we may be returning it Tuesday:). Our initial thought was that it would keep Ernie busy and all I could think of was the song "she swallowed the spider to catch the fly, I don't know why she swallowed the fly...". We'll see. Mark is so much more of a cat person than dog, and he is enjoying every second of having this furball around. We're naming him (if only temporarily) Hobbes.

Celebrating Patrick's birthday

Patrick also had a birthday this week. We celebrated at my parent's house and enjoyed watching him blush while being sang to:)
Patrick is the only boy in our family since my dad was born. No male cousins or brothers, poor kid.

ironically I didn't get any pictures of Patrick

Natalie (one of my beautiful cousins) and Grandma Pat

Oliver was completely raptured by Chris' guitar playing

So much so that he went and got his own

Afterwards daddy took Oliver on a Go-Kart ride. Oliver looked completely unimpressed.

Happy 92nd Birthday Grams

We were so excited to celebrate Mark's Grandmother's 92nd birthday. She is an absolutely wonderful lady and we were so happy to be able to spend some extra time with her today.

Please keep praying for her continued recovery. She looked and seemed better today than we've seen her since her stroke, but still has a long way to go.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pregnancy update 18 weeks

I wanted just wanted to give an update on the baby, and our pregnancy.
I've been feeling wonderful! We just entered our 18th week! Yeah!!! thank you Lord for good health. On Thursday I felt the first couple movements of the baby (much earlier than Oliver) and both yesterday and today I've felt little flutters a few times. In my last update I mentioned that I was measuring too big (which may mean nothing) but I'm officially out of my normal pants and exclusively wearing maternity jeans. I'm huge, not kidding, however I've only gained 1 actual pound this whole pregnancy so it doesn't add up quite right. We're very eager to have our ultrasound on the 16th and hopefully be able to determine the sex, but don't expect to see a blog post about it right away. We're going to tell people a little differently this time around.
Thank you for the prayers over this little baby, and I. We're so excited to greet his/her little face come April:)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Naky Man! Oliver would live in the bath/shower if we let him with his guck(duck) and gog(frog).

Park time


Oliver absolutely loves sandboxes, so when I saw this craft sand at the thrift store I scooped it up.
We made a wonderful mess, but didn't get any on the floor. Amazing.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mail Call!

Today Oliver received his first piece of mail from a friend/cousin. A week or so ago we mailed his cousin Keira a card, and today Oliver was very excited to open his confetti filled card from her. Before email I use to correspond via snail-mail with several friends, and my cousin. I think it's such an important past time to experience, and I'm so excited that he's started this young(with help).

Peter's birthday/ Packer vs Vikings game 2

Peter turned 5 on Sunday so we celebrated with cake, gifts, and the Packers! Then, the Elmer clan treated us to Mongolian Beef (It was Diane's recipe) and it was fantastic.

Hunting in Spooner WI

Most years Mark has headed up to Oseo to hunt during gun season, but this year we had the opportunity to use my Grandma's land in Spooner. Since Mark was bow hunting this year we were able to go up before it got bitterly cold, buried in snow.

We made the LONG trek in the middle of the night. Here we are watching two different GPS' (I still don't understand why. Men.)

Our first night we headed to town and tried some local flavor.

This was honestly the women's bathroom.

Day #2 Becky took Oliver on a walk to give me some much needed rest.

Grandma Suzie showered Oliver with gifts. Here is his very own pumpkin.

This was a common scene on our trip and at home. Oliver would be most happy if he could run around naked.

I'm mad this is so dark. Oliver and Grandma sharing a stare.

Another yummy meal in my Great Grandmother's house, and Oliver's Great, Great Grandmother.

After hugging goodbye we hit the road again. Oliver was so sleepy and daddy was the perfect place to nap.

Neither guy took home a deer. Mark did shoot one and ended up tracking it Fri night and then again Thursday morning, but never found it. Maybe next year.
Grandma thanks for such a nice visit. We love you!