Monday, May 30, 2011

Mark's BIrthday Fishboil

Over the holiday weekend we celebrated Mark's 25th birthday. I can't believe he's going to be that old.
Little cousins (Cole, Lilly, Keira, Oliver)

Auntie Adrianne with two of her favorite little people

This is as close to a posed picture as we were getting.
Just a few minutes before the boil-over

A fairly quiet moment with Finn and Caden. Most of the weekend Finley ran around touching Caden, and Caden would scream, or cry. Finley quickly realized the power involved in his touch and relished every shrieking moment.

Oliver helping Daddy "chop" wood for the fire.

Binner's "Mad Face"

This face is usually accompanied by loud snorting and marching around.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Make Believe

This is one of Oliver's favorite pretend play games.
We set up his shelves of items and he carefully "beeps" each one then bags them in his paper sacks. He calls this job "the grocery sir" (he came up with that all on his own)
I printed up some paper money and laminated it for his cash register. Now all he needs is an apron.


#1 "Holy cheese! That's hysterical!" (after watching something fall down the stairs)
#2 "Mark, you get him please." (asking Mark to get Finley so Oliver and I could read our book. A common phrase in our house, usually by me.)