Sunday, January 10, 2010


Weekend Mornings are so special to us. We lay in bed with Oliver and snuggle, watching cars and airplanes out the window. 
As soon as Oliver's eyes open he crawls to Mark, his best friend.

Pregnant Buddies

Our great friends Lisa and Ivan moved to Philly this Summer so it's rare that we get to see them.  On Friday night we were blessed to be able to have them over to visit.

Lisa and I are 2 days apart in our pregnancies. It's been awesome to have someone to compare notes with.

Just chillin'.

Poor Lisa has been plagued by morning (and night) sickness this pregnancy. 
Pray that she is able to feel good, and enjoy the rest of her pregnancy without feeling nauseous.
Oliver and Ivan are good friends. Oliver spent the whole night shooting, throwing things, and talking to Ivan, and Ivan alone. He was sad to see him go.

We always have such a great, relaxing time with the Stewarts. I wish they lived closer, but for now we are super grateful that they make time for us when they come to visit.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Baby Finn

I just realized that I didn't really say much about Finn in my previous blog. 
He is doing great. 
He's moving like crazy, and getting bigger every day.
I'm now in my 7th month, and enjoying every minute of it. 
Mark is very helpful, and Oliver is always so well behaved that I'm not really feeling the strain of pregnancy...yet:)
Please keep us in your prayers as pre-eclampsia is a concern the farther we get into our pregnancy.