Saturday, November 10, 2012

How big is Weston?

Alterra on the lake

A fav spot downtown

3 amazing blessings!

I can't even explain how happy this sight made me. All three of them playing together!


Free zoo day!

The infirmary

I took this photo after our family went through the worst bout of the flu any of us had ever experienced. The boys started throwing up around 10 pm and by 4 am we were literal getting up ever 10-15 mins to grab a bucket or give one. It was terrible.
We thought that food poisoning was a possibility until we discovered that we'd shared with my mother-in-law, who was kind enough to come help us during the worst of it.
So sorry Becky!

Oh to be inside that brain...

It's not what you think...

Lately Oliver has been fake sleeping when it's time to get out of the car. Mark and I get such a kick out it that I've started looking forward to it. And of you know Oliver, you know he lives to make people laugh.
His dramatic displays know no limits. This particular time mark was "threatening" to leave him on the roof of the car, but Oliver never broke character.

Yes please!

Seen this before?!?

My mom borrowed this costume for a Halloween Party at work and she ended up winning 2nd place!
I couldn't help but be a little proud:)

On a recent date to noodles inc.

Poor Mark

Mark recently underwent oral surgery for four different teeth. What the dentist had originally anticipated taking 30 minutes, took almost an hour and a half. We had also paid extra for sedation so Mark wouldn't experience any of it, what we didn't know is they I was awake sedation (whatever that is).
Mark was not in much pain but he can still recall the somewhat gruesome details.
After the surgery he ended up getting "dry socket".
That's when the real pain started. Even Percocet didn't put him at rest:(

He has now been on a liquid food diet for almost two weeks. Bleh!
What a Trooper!
I'm hoping he's on the up-swing now.