Friday, June 18, 2010

Oliver the construction worker

I've got so much to blog in between this, but I had to show off Oliver's fantastic hammering skills.
To my knowledge this was the first time he's ever hammered on his own. It's in his blood:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Discovery World

Another awesome perk to living near a major city... there's almost always something fun to do, and usually free or at a major discount.
Mark found out that there was going to be a movie and special priced entry to the discovery world Aquarium. Unfortunately I did not have my camera so the pictures aren't great.

Mark could have stayed here forever. It was a water-spout machine that let you control the size of the water spout.

They have an enormous ship built into the upper part of the museum. Oliver loved running around the deck and driving.

there were series of levers and pulleys

The main attraction is a giant model of the great lakes with real fish.

Catching Up

In no particular order...

-Celebrating Mark's 24th Birthday-
Mark had more of a birthday weekend and a long one at that:)

After trying to make reservations at Mark's favorite steak restaurant I sadly found out they closed their southern locations.
Instead we ended up at this fun this fun spot.
They brew their own beer, and Mark got the sampler, 7 different kinds! (Don't worry he didn't drink it all).

Finley got a Bumbo! After talking to my sister-in-law and hearing how much their little guy enjoys his seat, we had to get one.

We got into a horrible habit of getting "cream-cones" from McDonalds (two locations near us still serve twist cones).
This was the aftermath of one such night.

Oliver will refuse to eat a vanilla cone. He only likes "Coch" (Chocolate)

Bompa and Ma'ama

Two of a kind
One of Mark's favorite part of the weekend is dressing the boys (honestly).
Frequently they're matching.

I spent a ton of time putting up this swing behind our house (not on our lot:))
and Oliver took one ride and decided swings are too scary. This is about as close as he gets to it now.

We've been enjoying the awesome picnic table that Grams gave us.

Oliver helping to make his own flash-cards. He made shapes, colors , and the alphabet.

we thought he was ready to potty train (notice the big boy underwear) but alas he's still scared to sit on the potty.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finley laughing

Is this typical of an 8 week old? I just can't remember what to expect.

Sunday, June 6, 2010