Thursday, February 19, 2015

We're in trouble now...

Tupperware is a lifesaver

On a recent visit to grandpa Melbys, the little boys were getting restless so we opened up the Tupperware cupboard and let them go crazy. 

Uncle Scott "Rocks"! (ya see what I did there?)

My Geologist brother-in-law brought two rock samples for the boys on his recent trip to WI. 
He didn't tell them what they were. Instead, they had to research and classify on their own, and then come back to him with the answer. 
Oliver are up the challenge. To add a level of difficulty, I didn't let him use the internet. He had to do old fashioned page-turning. 
One of the rocks has an amazing fossil of a trilobite. It took less than 24 hours for Oliver to find the answer and make a nifty little fact sheet to show his findings. 
Fun idea Uncle Scott !  Way to go Oliver!

Oliver's First Novel

On a lazy sunday afternoon, Oliver is soaking up the Spiderwick Chronicles