Tuesday, April 19, 2016

D'Marius' Birthday!

We are so happy to have this little man in our family. My boys are especially thrilled to have a playmate so close in age. 
D was an answer to all of our long prayed prayers. I can't imgine our family without him. We love you D!

Gruffydd's Birthday!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Family hike

Homeschool Snapshot - Disecting Owl Pellets

Leify the packrat

Twinnies twining it up!

Finley's Art -"Man eating Swiss cheese"

Man eating Swiss cheese
I had to look at this carefully before realizing how amazing it was. I may be a bit biased but still:)

Finn's actual birthday

Finley's 6th Birthday - Friend Party

Finley's 6th Birthday - Family Party

Finners turned 6 this year! Can you believe it?! He's amazing (I may or may not be a bit biased concerning my children). 
He's talented, funny, artistically talented, sweet, thoughtful, a good conversationalist, a deep and out-of-the-box thinker, a great friend and he can make a mean scrambled egg. 

Grandpa, patiently reading every book that Laiken brought to him. 

Grandma and Leify soaking up some snuggles. 

Patches and Binner. 

Bompa, daddy, and Grandpa. 

Grandma and Grandpa Quinn

Finn's love language is gifts so he rocks this part of his parties:)

Poor Pat. 

Grandma and Auntie (grandma) Mae. 

Damma Kelly

A rowdy bunch of kids. I love that sweet Brooke just politely are her meal under a chair:)

A new park discovery

Twins Running down a hill

Twister with Grandma Becky

Fireside Theater - Peter Pan

Mark had heard a commercial for an upcoming Fireside performance of Peter Pan so he decided to take Oliver and Finn (our two musical lovers) for a fancy night out. 

They got all decked out 

They dined on a 4 or 5 course meal and absolutely loved the show. They were singing the tunes for the next week. What a fun memory and possible annual tradition.