Saturday, February 27, 2010


A favorite snack of Oliver's, made with Grams popcorn popper:)

Bowling excitement

This was the first time Oliver had been bowling. He was absolutely freaking out with excitement.

Mark opened the game with a strike

Oliver granny bowled his 6 pounder
This was a fraction of Oliver's reaction every time we threw a ball.

Oliver and I shared a score

I hope he doesn't get athletes foot.

Hide and don't speek

Amanda's Birthday!

Last weekend we got together with family to celebrate my cousin Amanda's birthday.

Oliver was scared to death of one of the guests that we didn't know. We found that surrounding him with balloons helped to calm him down.

Helping to blow out the candles

One of Oliver's favorite people, "Pah".


We love visiting with Madison and Bo.

Oliver and Bo actually paid attention to each other this time, even though they were fighting over toys:)

Bo is expecting a little sibling this summer too.

Out and about

Grabbing a bite with Grandma ("maama")...

Brandi ("eeh"), Pat ("pah!"), and Brooke (also "eeh")

Little Alexa

Mel and I
Oliver with his crazy hair, always.

Home Builder's Expo!

We attended a Home Builder's Expo recently. It was fairly boring except for these awesome playhouses!

Oliver had a blast running in and out of the 5 houses.

This house had a second story (that's right. A playhouse with an upstairs).
He was having a great time until we tried to get him to come out. Mark ended up having to go in after him.

New Additions

We've been slowly making additions to our house. Mark just finished the trim and added a cabinet to our front closet and fireplace.

Morning Kisses!

We Love Play-Doh!

Oliver got a bunch of play-doh from his Great Grandma for Christmas. As you can see...

he absolutely loves it.

Mark and I enjoy playing with him too. This was one of Mark's creations.

When will they stop making play-doh smell so good. I totally don't blame him for tasting it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Oliver's Blue's Clues Surprise

Oliver's recent obsession with Blue's Clues has put me on the lookout for
anything from a notebook, to clothing, to help feed his addiction.
While we were out today I found a Blue's board-game at the thrift store. We came home and wrapped it for Daddy to give him as a gift.
He was thrilled, even though he's way too young to know how to play.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

we love netflix

 I don't know what we did before Netflix....yes I do, lots of late fees.
Oliver has been hooked on Blues Clues for the past couple weeks. It's the only show he'll watch from beginning to end.

Picnic lunch under the desk

our silly cat

We've say it all the time, we have one of the strangest cats, but we love him.

Brandi and Grandma Pat's Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated Brandi and my Grandma Pat's birthday (which they share)

Brooke decorated the cake all on her own, and when asked why she wrote "BROOKE" in big letters across the top she said it was "because she designed"

Brandi had a girls sleep-over the same night so Oliver was absolutely covered with girls and loved it. This was the "kissing circle".


After Oliver's fall we had to go see the doctor.  Part of the process was having his blood drawn, the first needle he's ever had in his little body.
Daddy trying to distract him before his appointment

Waiting for our turn

All in all he did really well. He just cried during the drawing, but then quickly recovered. 
I recently had to give blood for pregnancy related stuff and he started to panic when they sat me in the chair. Poor little guy:(

Oliver's 2nd nap ever in his toddler bed

Oliver update

Wow it's been forever since I've blogged. I started selling on ebay ( as a business ) so I have to prioritize my time a little differently. Blogging just isn't very high on that list.
Oliver has been keeping us very busy lately. 
He will be 20 months on Thursday. He's been talking a lot more, and climbing a lot more (he fell and broke his collar bone earlier this month). 
We started weaning him last Wednesday - I say "we" because it took the Lord, Mark, and me to initiate it (give me a break, he's my baby).
Oliver has done remarkably well, and it just reassures me that he was ready.  He is still a wonderfully happy, well behaved, and very lovable/cuddly little guy.  We are so happy for this, but bracing ourselves for #2 (due in April). I can just tell from his uterine activity that he and Oliver will be very different.

Mark and I have finally gotten motivated again to finish the house. We're currently in the process of putting up trim, setting up Finn's room, and Lots of other odds and ends. Our deadline (for ourselves) is spring.
Mark has being feeling  a strong calling to go to Haiti lately, although unsure of how or when, he would appreciate any information you have on trips, organizations, etc.
Oliver and I would not be able to join him (unfortunately) but I know the Lord must have an awesome plan for him, if he feels this strongly about it.
Please also be praying for him to have clear direction and safety if he does find a way to get there. 

Well, after talking to my wonderful sister-in-law Kristin over the holidays, I decided to start selling on ebay. I've done little bits here and there in the past, but never with this much focus, or organization. I've got a set profit margin, and calculate all of my fees, time, etc. I'm excited to see how the Lord uses this, and have been just praying his blessing over everything I buy and sell. My ebay name is mbmelby if you want to check it out:)