Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Twins - 21 weeks

This pregnancy had been sooo different from day one. Unless someone has actually had twins, you have to ignore their advice, because even though we've done this three times, I'm a complete newbie!
-I've barely gained any weight, and my belly seems to be the only thing growing. However, it's nothing to be proud of. In healthy twin pregnancies you want to gain lots of protein weight. My doctor has me doing about 60g a day beyond my target meal protein.
-I thought that I might evade my typical, horrendous, pregnancy back pain. No such luck. Just this week it started to creep up on me. Dang it!
-I'm feeling lots of movement (finally!). 
-Oliver was the first person to feel kicks from the outside. His reaction was priceless. He shrieked, and said "Awww! I just wanna hold them right now!"
Since then he's been hugging my belly, talking to them and giving them kisses. 
-Mark got to feel his first kick last night. 
-At 18 weeks I measured 25 weeks. I go in again in a week. Mark thinks I'm measuring full term already. We'll see


While I got myself and Weston ready to go outside, Oliver and Finn hid behind the jeep with a pile of "ammo". Waiting to attack. This is why I get up in the morning:)

Trying to get a decent Christmas photo...

I thought I had failed until I saw this one of them all holding hands. Perfect!

Christmas Eve / Christmas Day - Home

Weston was the first one awake. He came downstairs and joined mommy and daddy for some coffee and cuddles by the fire. 

After much persuasion, Oliver and Finley followed.


Oliver was the first to open a present and he shredded it in no time.

All of the boys are big fans of costumes and marvel characters, but Finn was especially find of this scary mask, even though it terrified Weston. 

Yeah! A ride-on toy that might actually last more than a year!

Weston and his "paepae" and "tuh-lors".

Packers Game

We were given BOX TICKETS to a Packers game on the 22nd. It was an amazing experience, that ended up costing us $0! Crazy!

We arrived to the stadium late but still found free street parking. Totaly a God thing. Then I brought my ginormous purse (which you're not allowed to bring in), but I played the 'pregnant with twins' card on the cop. It just so happened that his wife had also had twins so he let me in.

This was the view from our seats. It looks farther away on my phone.

If you've never experienced a box suite, it's amazing. Like a mini hotel room. Food and drinks are provided, all while you sit in a toasty room watching the freezing crowd below. 

It was a wonderfully exciting game, but it did end up in a loss. Booo!

Christmas - The Melbys

These are literally all the pictures I took from this Christmas. 
If you'd like to see more check out one of my sister-in-laws blogs to the right.