Thursday, February 18, 2016

What Alice Forgot

Ok, it's rare that I like a book enough to even discuss it, let alone write about it. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Art: dyed bubbles and letting art happen

I loved this art project. It was inspired by a famous French painter named 

Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin And his "Soap Bubbles" Painting. Instead of practicing a technique related to the artist, we used the painting itself to create these pieces. What we loved: 

The bright colors
The fun medium
The lack of control
Art takes on new life when it just happensvs being controlled. 

This was such a big hit and the boys absolutely adored the results. We'll be revisiting this again during warmer months. 

Tadpole update: We've got legs!

Finley's First Library Card

This was a wonderful experience for Finley. He took it all very seriously. He carefully wrote his name in the tiny box and accepted all of his patron responsibilities with pride. 

Weston's family party

Weston's 4th Birthday!

Wow! 4 was a BIG deal to this little boy. 
Weston is tiny guy packed with ginormous emotions. He's ridiculously sweet, creative, talented, a master snuggler, and funny as heck. 

His menu choices:
Eggs and bacon (which is basically what he has every morning)
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

Because I didn't have a car, Mark picked out all of Weston's gift so it was just as much of a surprise for me as it was for Weston:)
What a good daddy!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Randomness Jan 2016

Playing chess with Uncle Mark

Chillin' with daddy

Me. Proud that I put up this trim while Mark was at work. 

Matchy matchy

Tiniest snowman EVERY!

Coffee house date 

Eating and crafting at the same time

Oliver's throw dish

Bones, muscles and ligaments experiments

My snuggle buddy

Oliver making AMAZING guac, entirely on his own

Sweet chubby digits

Checkers with daddy

Just one of the big boys

Art class with the girls

We're trying to implement a once-a-month homeschool art class led by myself. This was our first attempt. A little art history, an introduction to a new technique and medium and a LOT of teenage-girl silliness:)
 I think it went pretty well and hopefully the girls took away new knowledge about art. 
They chose their own color schemes. 
I love that the younger girls went with such a bold color choice. 

They all turned out beautifully!

Girls night w/Lisa

Lisa was craving some Vietnamese and we were both craving some girl-time so we made last minute plans to meet up in Bayview. 
We found a fun restaurant and noshed on tasty cuisine. 
I'd never tried Vietnamese but I quickly fell in love. In fact, it was so good that Mark and I went back for a date two days later. 

We followed it up with Frozen custard and giggles. 

I love spending time with this lady! 17 years of friendship and counting!