Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pool Time

Oliver was blessed with this wonderful pool from his Autie Kristin and Uncle Scott.
It's been a lifesaver during these ridiculously hot days.
Since this was taken he has gotten brave enough to actually get into the pool.
Oh! And he drinks the water every chance he gets. Once when he didn't have a anything to drink it from he took a ratty stuffed animal dunked it under and sucked on it.
Thank God for a strong immune system:)
We love to sing and Oliver has quickly picked up "harmonizing" :)
Most of the time Oliver lives to make Finley happy.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Catching up

There's far too much to catch up on so I decided to write one-liner's describing the past month or two
- Lisa and her little Man (Gruffydd) came to town for a visit and we had lots of fun comparing babies:)
- Oliver and Mark's Birthday bash was the end of June
- Celebrated a wonderful 4th with both our Families.
- Oliver spent a majority of the time we watched fireworks with his head burried
- Got to visit with Jeff, Holly and their children
- Worked/are still working on the concrete counter (that's Mark's department)
- Oliver decided to expand his vocabulary exponentially
- We were super excited to have a visit from our dear friends Kate and Ben
- Kate (a very talented photographer) did a really cool photo shoot for us (I'll try to get pictures up soon)
- Several of our summer weekends have been spent in B-town
- We're still praying about selling our house or being open to what other plans God has in store for us.
- We've been doing lots of swimming, and playing outside (when it's not horribly hot out)
- I started selling Avon!!!
- We got together with various friends and family
- Had picnics
- Enjoyed the boys......

This summer has gone by so fast.
We're enjoying it, and LOVING the phases of life that our little men are in.
Praising God for such a wonderful family!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am now selling Avon! I will not be one of those pushy churchlady sales people that everyone tries to avoid so if you want to make an order let me know. I may call before the bi-weekly orders just to double check with you, but please never feel pressured.