Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Trick-or-treating

This was actually our first time trick-or-treating in a normal neighborhood setting. We went with four other families and it was lots of fun.
 Two Finns! Literally.

 The twinnies along for the ride.

 Look at that trooper. 

 I'll save you the off color humor that would normally go along with this photo.
Let's just say we had a good laugh with Weston.

 Our big group of kids (I think we had 19 little people, not including adults)

I was not prepared for the insane amount of candy that our boys brought home. Seriously ridiculous! 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

In my dreams

When I first started, actively trying, to lose weight, I had a weight goal and a pants size goal. 
I've never been great at maintaining routines, especially when they were pertaining to me. But this has been different. I've been able to make life choices that have stuck (some of them for nearly a year) and I've lost about 60 lbs in the process. 
My pants size is now what it was when I was 16! I never would have shot for that goal. One thing that was really important to me was to get to a point with working out, where I didn't feel like it was an amazing event. Instead, I just wanted to feel like it was a normal part of my week. That has changed my life in ways I'm sure I'll never know. At a recent checkup with my doctor, she said to me "You're a healthy, fit young woman...." I almost cried in her office. 
 I've still got a few goals to reach and I've set a few new ones now that I know what I'm capable of. But if you're struggling with weight loss or creating healthy habbits, press on. Find something that works for you and do it. Do it every day until it becomes second nature then add something new, and repeat. Then, when you fail, for a day, or a week, forget about it. Erase it and go back to where you left off. So much of my de-railing was due to my attitude that if I'd already eaten ____, or I'd skipped a workout every day that week, then I was back to the old me. 'What's the point in trying when I'm this far removed from my progress?'
It's laughable to think about that now. 
Our brains our so powerful, for worse or for better. You just have to find the most effective way to get yours to work for you instead of against you.   

Harvest Party

My parents threw their annual harvest party. 
Definitely one of our favorite traditions!
Laiken-Lion, Leif-Monkey, Oliver-Pirate, Weston-Robin Hood, Finley-DarthVader
Mark-Paul Bunyan...or a generic hipster 

Maggie-Pirate, Brooke-Hermione

Brandi-Rey, Libby-Jedi


Me-Bank Robber

Mom-1950's chic

Super serious about our selfies

Leif checking out his cuz

Wherever there is a couch, you will likely find us snuggling. 

See! We don't need to have any more babies. We just get to soak up all these little people!

Grandma Kelly treated the kids to festive party games and had a boatload of really cool prizes that they could win. My boys especially enjoyed this tradition. 

Leif literally charged the horse with his sword. Has he no fear?!

Cousins on the swings

I love this picture! D and Leif are a perfect match. Sort of reminds me of "The Mustache Baby Meets His Match"

Around the fire

Nan and Pat

Amanda, E, Auntie Mae, Kassie, Jake

Friday, October 28, 2016

Fire Station Field Trip

A lovely fire-station field trip, put together by my friend Melanie. And we were lucky enough to have Grandma Becky join us!

A salad-lover to look up to

At a recent trip to Chick-fil-a, the manager came up to us and congratulated me on my parenting and Oliver on his eating. They went on to say that they couldn't remember ever seeing a child order a salad at that restaurant. Oliver was beaming with pride:)