Friday, February 15, 2013

Oliver - Art

Medium: crayola on drawing pad

Trying to beat cabin fever

Our household has spent the last three weeks trading off having the flu. It's been a rough winter!
We spent 5 hrs in ER yesterday after Weston threw up over 20 times!!
This morning it hit me how totally fed up my kids were with being indoors. Who could blame them?
We have a growing rock/stone collection, so we broke it out and started organizing (a favorite pastime of our kid's).
I used painters tape to make simple rectangles on the coffee table and let them decide what categories to divide then into (ie smooth, rough, largest, marbled...).
It was amazing! They sat and sorted for a good 20 minutes! Bliss!!:)
It later occurred to me all the great benefits this craft contained: sensory, analytical, sharing, listening to instructions...
Now I'm excited to see how many other types of things we can do this with.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Isms from our precious boys

"feels like I have to poop in my ear" -Oliver while getting his ears cleaned.

"see you in a couple whiles" Finn 12/18/12

"I member got my chalk" Finn
Dec '12

"you were reading down with your face so I couldn't see." after trying to read over moms shoulder.
-Finn 12/27/12

"angry birds bratwurst." meaning angry birds star wars
-Oliver 12/30/12

Weston took his first steps (4)

While playing with daddy:
Mark: "what's my sons name?"
Finn: "ass crack."
Mark: "did you just say ass-crack?"
Finn: "yeah."

Mark: "are you spitting?"
Oliver: "no."
Mark: "what are you doing?"
Oliver: I'm putting pieces of napkin in my mouth and making napkin balls."
Mark: "don't do that any more."
Oliver (without a hint of attitude): "you're lucky to say they because I don't have any more napkin."

Finn: I'm getting a blanket. Dad: there's one right there on the couch. Finn: no, that one makes my foots out. 1/20/13

"row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Barely, barely, barely, barely, watch out for the tree."
- Oliver 1/20/13

"My daddy is good at fixing stuff. He fixed our bed, and the nook, and Dora, and your phone, and his phone, and our shows, and our toys, and the rug." Finn 1/20/13

"Mom there's a grandpa bug itching my hiney.
There's something wrong with me."
Finn 1/20/13

Mom: "Oliver, your smile is like magic to my heart!"
Oliver: "well, it's nothing."

Oliver learned to play Marty had a little lamb 1/20/13

F: "I don't want to go to bed."
Me: "then I'm going downstairs."
F: "yeah you do!"

"I need some medicine for my little milks. I've been nursing the kitties too much."

"I wish I had a tail. I just love shaking my hiney." -Oliver 2/8/13

"did you drink enough water? You did!" -Oliver watching Mark pee

Me: "Finn! You just pee'd on the gate?! Then go to the corner!"

Oliver: "No, mom! It could be drips from the bath. Ya need to smell it!"

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wisdom from a four year old...

Me: "Finn! You just pee'd on the gate?! Then go to the corner!"

Oliver: "No, mom! It could be drips from the bath. Ya need to smell it!"

He had peed on the gate:)