Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Grandpa Melby - The last true Norwegian

Last night we received a call from Mark's parents. Although we knew that Marks grandpa has been ill on and off, we had no idea how sick he had gotten. 
Upon going into the hospital for what seemed like a UTI, they discovered that the last round of chemo did not work and his lymphoma has spread. There's a real possibility that he won't be with us in the next month or so. 
Please be praying for marks family as this news settles. Also pray for the most comfort possible for his grandpa. 
It's such a crappy thing to happen to such a wonderful man. 
This picture was taken in November when he treated us to ice cream. 
Our boys enjoy listening to his stories in his thick Norwegian accent. 

Cheering section

This is what it looks like when you have 4 brothers eagerly anticipating your first steps. 

Ice skating

Although it was extremely slushy, the boys enjoyed their first ice skating experience immensely. 

Magic in the every day

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Holey Moley Doughnuts - A Gluten-Free Review

One of my favorite places to go downtown was the Milwaukee Cupcake Company. That always had a huge selection of GF cupcakes that were fancy and unique, and came in a pretty box...
So, when I heard they has gone out of business, I was sad. I then discovered that their space had been filled by a doughnut shop, and after some research I discovered that they make...wait for it...GF DOUGHNUTS!!
The weight of this discovery won't mean much to you if you eat gluten. But, since giving it up in 2012, I've frequently dreamt of the fried cakey goodness. 

I recently got a chance to sample their goods. First of all, the workers are amazing! Super nice, and really excited to tell me about the doughnuts, and even sample before buying. What!?!

I got a box of the "Baby-spice" and they were out of this world! Seriously! 
The texture, weight, and moisture were perfect. They didn't fall apart. Most importantly though, the flavor was wonderful! 
Mark, who has had real doughnuts more recently, said they were as good as the cider doughnuts that we get around apple picking season. That good. 
Their flavors change daily, and there isn't a boring option on the menu. 
I have nothing negative to say. 
GF or not, you have to give them a try. 

What happens when you lick your paper ice cream cone?


The Twin's new favorite game

Three year checkup

Weston was so wonderful at his three year checkup. I'm so thankful that his doctor said he's healthy and ready for another 10,000 miles. 
Her only note was that he has a small heart murmur. However, she said she fully expects him to grow out of it. 

Also shout out (not that she'll see it) to our family doctor. She's awesome! So willing to listen. Takes a genuine interest in our kids and is always very encouraging regarding our choices and my ability to homeschool with new twins. 
If you're looking for a good doctor, let me know and I'll send you her info. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Time for a trip to IKEA!

A visit with grandma and grandpa / a french horn lesson

 Awww! These babies love their grandpa!

     My mom recently got a french horn,        
        rekindling her passion for brass.
She spent some time teaching our boys about how to play, and with a little practice....,

they were actually able to make sounds!

Oliver also got to try her trumpet, which he absolutely loved!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

These two whacko's are THE best of friends

Seriously, if you ever needed an excuse for having children close together, I hope these two can serve as a positive example. 

Homeschool Snapshot - Wire sculpting. It's serious business

Homeschool snapshot - English

This is part of Oliver's English 


Read this short story. Last night I baked a dozen cookies. I left them out on the kitchen table to cool. Just before I went to bed, I saw a little mouse under the table looking at me. She looked hungry! I turned off the light and went to bed. When I came down in the morning, one of the cookies was gone. Another was half-eaten. “Oh well,” I thought, “I guess she wasn’t that hungry.”
What do you think happened? How do you know? Did the author tell you? You made an inference.  "

After reading it he says "That's not an inference. That's a hypothesis."

Happy Birthday Weston - The Big 3!

I can't believe he's three. Weston is our last single "baby". I feel like the twins are in a category all their own, and so it leaves us soaking up this singleton even more. 
He's a ball of energy. Wonderful, magical, energy. He's witty and thoughtful. He can work a room yet he knows how to reserve his charm from those who don't deserve it:).
So, how did our amazing little man celebrate his day? 
As with all of our boys birthday's and half-birthday's, they get to call all the shots. Their wish for food, movie, toys, playtime, is our command. 

   His morning started off with pancakes 

  Followed by sandwiches (apparently a sandwich is really exciting to a low-carb kid)

Then came basketti/eggs (a last minute request, fulfilled by a doting daddy), then we served up a delish "healthy" cheesecake. Note: our boys apparently don't like cheesecake. The did however LOVE the fresh blackberries (boring!).

                Blackberry monsters!