Saturday, February 26, 2011

So thankful

Sometimes after repeating myself dozens of times I start to wonder if the things we're trying to teach and instill in Oliver will ever stick. I'm sure most parents hear me loud and clear.
Tonight I watched him walk over to a plate and fork sitting on the couch, pick it up, and scrape it into the trash and then put it in the sink without Mark or I saying a word. Genius! He saw the need and just did it!
I was so impressed by this, and I started to think about my example to him as a mom. If Mark and I are careless with our things and don't lead by example how can we expect our children to do anything we say. Respect is a two way street and it's amazing how quickly children will pick up on those who are undeserving of it.
I pray that my example to our children will be one that they are proud to follow.

Favorite Quote of the Day: Oliver

As we passed an old church
Oliver: "Mom, look! It's college, right there, college."
Mom: "No, that's a church"
Oliver: (pausing to think) "Oh. That's a tricky one."

Monday, February 7, 2011

Picey Indian

The following conversation was dictated to me, by daddy, after a recent trip to our favorite Indian restaurant.
Oliver: "Ugh! Again!"
Daddy: "What's again?"
Oliver: "Picy (spicy) again"
Daddy: "Oh, I'm sorry"
Oliver: "No, not your fault. It's my fault"

Better than "between the sheets"

Today while riding in the car, Oliver asked nearly half a dozen times to go to Bompa's house (as he usually does when we're riding anywhere in the car). Mommy said "no, not today" and forgot about it.
Later on Oliver got a fortune cookie to munch on in the backseat.
After a few minutes mommy and daddy heard the following.
Oliver: "This word means, '''
He was "reading/creating" his own fortune.
I love this kid!