Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trucking along

The twins are still nursing. Their birthday is in April but they are still trucking along. I can't help but be proud of all three of us:)

Camping at the Fennimore Cabin - a new family tradition

We found the perfect repeat vacation spot for our family! 
It's a rustic little cabin (no electric or plumbing) that sleeps 7 and is nestled in the valley of rolling hills. I can't gush enough about this place and the boys agree. It was awesome!

Morning 1. The twins at the breakfast table. Always ready for a meal. 

Finner hanging out in one of the loft beds. 

Daddy taught our boys the important life lesson of chopping wood and starting fires. 

The older boys really took to the task of splitting the wood. 

Finn was the first to split a massive log on his own. 

Oliver was soon to follow. 

Weston was so happy to spend so much time outside. 

The twins exploring their new yard. 

Chalk! Best $4 spent this weekend. 

Mark and I challenged the boys to build a bridge that was sturdy and functional. 
They succeeded!

Weston decided that residing under the bridge suited him better. 

They also built a fort. Again, taking their time to design and work together. 

They practiced their safe fire skills. 

Mark spent most of his weekend in front of a campfire, or grill or campstove. And he loved it. 

Waiting out the rain inside. 

On the way home we stopped at Cave Of The Mounds. We all really liked it and the boys learned a lot. 
As a bonus, Mark's parents drove all the way out there and joined us for the tour. The boys were so surprised. 

Afterwards, the boys enjoyed a little fossil dig (snore) before heading home. 

Finn's Art: Eyes

I spy...Weston!

This is what happens when you empty a dresser and then hide in the contents. 

Hanging out with the fam

These are some of my favorite memories. Just sitting and hanging out in someone's room. 

Spa Day

Mark gifted me with a couples spa day and we headed to Lake Lawn Lodge to enjoy our date. 
Our massages were followed by wine, followed by lunch at a resort restaurant, then swimming and a dip in the hot tub, then ice cream in Lake Geneva, then a lil' shopping and lazily driving back to get the kids. 
It was lovely. We haven't been overnight since Oliver was born (By choice. Don't feel bad for us.) This was a glimpse into the someday get away. 

Bangs er no?

No. Definitely no. I always think this is going to go well. Let this post serve as a reminder that I never look good with bangs. 

Mark's mini-me

Snuggle Buddies

Weston Learning to ride a bike: Attempt 1

Homeschool Snapshot: Creative Writing by Oliver

Shower Sillies