Thursday, April 19, 2012

I quickly put a kabash on this but I had to take a pic first

Playroom Update

I want to do so much more but I had it mostly finished before Finn's party.
It made Mark very nervous to come how to me using drills, levels and paint (yes even paint).
I had so much fun and felt like I couldn't keep up with my creative juices. I had so many ideas that were too expensive or too time consuming.
I'll save it for our next home:)

Re covered and painted bench that we've had forever.

Salvaged chalkboard that I repainted.

I made these curtains, and we loved the fabric so much that we based the decorating on them.

Reclaimed shelf (That means I found it in someones garbage)

Upcycled shelf

I wanted some magnetic circles from Ikea but I found these at the dollar store. They have hideous artwork on the opposite side, but the back worked perfectly for my purposes.

A fun way to display artwork

A desk I made that will eventually prop up when in use and fold down when they're not using it.

These last few are of a some updates we have done to Oliver and Finn's room.

Why waste 'em?

This week, after Finn's birthday party, we had a house-full of helium balloons.
I was just about to pop them when I got the idea to let the box release them outside.
I was then just about to let the boys release them outside when I realized we should tie a note to them.
I was then about to write the note to tie to the balloons to let the boys release them outside when I realized we should open an email account for Oliver and Finn so that whoever found them could let the boys know how far they had gotten.
30 minutes later.... we let them go.
This is their new email address incase you want to send them messages.