Monday, June 29, 2015

I love this face

Summerfest Date Night - Punch Brothers

As part of Mark's Birthday gift, I had gotten him tickets to the Punch Brother's concert at Summerfest. 
When we were about 12 or 13 Mark and I fell in love with Nickel Creek. Since then we've missed every opportunity to see them in concert. However, Chris Thile (the lead artist of the group) has formed Punch Brother's and they have virtually the same music as Nickel Creek. 

The opening act was Shaky Graves. 

Instead of having to walk the .8 miles to our car, we opted for this bike taxi. Super fun!

Baseball - Week #1

Water-play Play-date

Father's Day

Moving the Taylors

Our friends, that we've been lucky enough to live near, have moved. Mark helped move some furniture while I stood around taking photos:)
We're totally bummed to not have them within walking distance but we're very excited for all the memories they're going to make in their new home. 


Pool-party (almost)

On Saturday we spent a wonderful, and long (in a good way) day with my family. 
We helped put in a pool liner, ate, played in the yard, ate, splashed a bit and enjoyed great family time. A day I would gladly repeat.