Thursday, January 14, 2016

Melby Christmas 2015

Over New Years weekend we finally got to celebrate Christmas with Mark's family. 

Giving Keira's selfie stick a world. 

Look at all the kids at that table!

Leify and Zoey hamming it up

Grandma explaining gift rules to the kids

Who's taller and who's cheating....?

Cuties in their plaid. 

My Wester-Bester-Chesterton

Oliver and Keira worked on a weather book, and then presented it to us. 

You think these two like attention? :)

Discovery World 2015

We were gifted a subscription to one of the best places in Milwaukee. Discovery World. We love, love, love this place!

Science Snapshot - The Human Body


Chess with Daddy

Since learning to play chess, Oliver and Mark have had ongoing games for the last few weeks. They use a chess app that allows them to each play from different devices at their own pace. Mark usually gets a few moves in during his work day and Oliver does the same during his school day. What kills me is the snack-talk that ensues. Too funny!
Mark has been increasingly impressed by Oliver's skills. Mark hasn't had to let him win or go easy on him. For a time he thought that I must be taking turns for him. I wasn't. 

Snapshot - Finley

Let me break this photo down for you:
A t-shirt, under another t-shirt, under a button-up shirt, with a clip on tie, clipped to the t-shirt. Not the button-up (of course). 
All while drawing in his leather-bound art journal. I wish I were as cool as he....

Monday, January 11, 2016

Weston can write his name!

It's moments like this...

That make living in the suburbs bareable. 

Stagg Christmas

We actually had two Stagg Christmas'. One on Christmas Day, with my parents, siblings, aunt, and grandparents (but I forgot my phone at home so I have 0 pictures:( )
The other was hosted by my cousin and her husband in their new house. ( It is absolutely beautiful! My cousin has a serious flare for decorating and using colors.)
It was such a nice evening, and we were able to relax and let the kids play. 
Aunt Kathleen and my Grandparents

Patches, Brandi and Weston. Poor auntie Brandi. 

Me and Brooke

Me and Marcus

Mom and me

Uncle Mark in a super cool chair

D Leif and Laiken, Taking turns pushing each other in the stroller 

What do you think they were talking about?

Our main tradition: White Elephant gift exchange. Mark and I always look forward to this. 
This year mark brought a funny tea guy that hangs in your cup (like he's in a hot tub) and some loose tea. Kinda played it safe. 
I brought a bag full of as seen on tv items. 

What we ended up with:
Mark got a....hmm. You know. I can't remember. I ended up with a board game set that boys have enjoyed several times since then. 

Mark and Amanda

My grandparents just celebrated their 60th Anniversary! What an amazing example of love and commitment!

My Brandi


Mini cousins!

Ah! This makes my heart so happy to see these three together! 

Finner Binner

Finner and D

Steve, Uncle Mark and Mark

Dad, and Laiken. He couldn't stop rubbing his soft head:)

Patrick entertaining us with one of his self composed pieces. It was lovely!

No, Mark was not breastfeeding, although this did make him want to write an open letter about how unfair it is that men can't even nurse their babies in public....

Uncle Mark, Steve and Mark, taught Oliver how to play chess. 

All the ladies (minus Bryana and Natalie)