Monday, September 21, 2015

Art series: Marc Chagall unique expressions of emotions

Oil pastels

First day of school year 2

Yea! Another year of learning together! These sweet-faced little guys were eager to get started. 
Monday's at our home have always been "jammies all day", but since the holiday was on Monday, we extended this tradition to Wednesday:)

I considered doing the traditional pics of a backpack clad kid, outside our door.  
We don't use backpacks so it would t have made much sense and our kids don't even know that most other kids start the school year off that way. 
This is real. This is us. 
Can't wait to see these gentlemen grow throughout the year. 

Trapped in the Weeble Tree

Indeed. It's one of those odd situations that you never could have imagined being in, but here we were. 
Weston tried to reach his arm down the Weeble hole in the tree and became firmly stuck. 
We tried everything to free him without destroying the toy, but no luck. 
We did end up taking the top off screw by screw while he patiently waited. 
Bet he won't do that again. (She said laced with sarcasm).

Go ahead. Drool.

All GF. All delicious.
Go buy some Udi's baguettes. You won't be disappointed. 

Two museums

Free day at the art museum with Lisa and Gavin
We started off by heading to the Kohls Kids Art Studio where they were doing abstract art using different mediums and tools
Weston and Oliver chose stencils and watercolors

Finn chose a mixed media of oil pastels and watercolors

This little boy is so special to me! 

Content and cute twinnies!

Gavin got to work right away, making bright and bold geometric shapes

I loved how Finley framed his art before starting. Almost like a gallery wall. 

Weston, ever the minimalist

Since we've studied several of these artists in school, the boys were really excited to be able to name them just from memory. 
Lisa laughed at Finn as he shouted "Frida Kahlo" at a portrait across the room. 

A few weeks before, the boys had gotten to make "pop art pins" with a Lichtenstein likeness, so it was cool seeing this print up close. 

After a picnic lunch outside

After the art museum, we headed to the children's museum to roundabout our day. 

This is always a favorite stop. 

Mister Weston reporting

Can you believe it? Finn in "fancy clothes"?!

One of Oliver's favorite things at the museum is the physics exhibit. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Date Night - La Perla & La Marenda

The night started with drinks at La Perla and complimentary chips and salsa (so yummy!)

I ordered a house drink - can't remember what it wa called but it was delish!

The we walked to La Marenda
This tapas restaurant was recommend to us by friends: Paul and Melanie
It didn't disappoint. 
First of all, everything GF is clearly labeled and many things can be altered to accommodate. 
All of their food is locally grown or supplied. I couldn't help but think of a similar skit from Portlandia:)

We ordered the cheese and meat plate

Duck and pheasant sausage 

And pork empanadas 

After dinner we enjoyed all three of their GF desserts. 
Holy cow! We will definitely be back. 

At the zoo with my fam